4 tips (+ a bonus!) on how to survive black friday

How to Survive Black Friday 

Let's face it: Black Friday is crazy. We always go into it with the mindset of just getting that one pair of yoga pants or that one dress, but, suddenly, The Gap is having a free dress with a $150 purchase, and, before you know it, you've spent $300. Stop the madness! Going into Black Friday with a plan is the right thing to do, but it may not always be the best. Here's 4 (+ a bonus!) ways to beat the shopping scares.

1. Make a wishlist
But, didn't you just say making a list is bad?! Yep, I did. Totally. But making a list is also how you make sure you get what you really came to get. Maybe Ulta's having an insane sale on the Naked palette, and you've been waiting all year to get it. Write it down! Making a list of the must-buys will help you focus your shopping trip on the things that you must have bought by the end of the night. These items are the absolute musts that you'll wake up in a cold sweat the night after if you don't purchase.

2. Plan your stores
Figure out exactly where you're going to go, but don't set time restrictions on each store, because you'll never be able to predict the line. One year, I stood in line for 2 hours at a Victoria's Secret. It was rough. But the next year, I only spent 15 minutes in line there! Lines are unpredictable. Plus, you may have to fight for a specific piece (guilty!), especially if it's the last thing on your must-buy list. Because of all of the extraneous factors, make sure you pick your stores beforehand. I shop at the same mall every year but, as I get older, my store interests grow and change, so the stores I go to change as well. On the same sheet of paper as your absolute buys, write down all the shops you want to go to, even the ones you just want to browse. Then, order them from "have to go's" to "just want to check them out's." That way, you'll know what stores to hit and which stores to miss.

3. Know the deals
Once you know your stores, visit their websites to find out what their deals will be. Write the deals down next to the stores. If you want to buy a dress from The Gap, but their dresses aren't marked down at all, don't buy the dress! It's easy to get swept up in the Black Friday moment and assume everything's going to be more expensive the next day but, honestly, a lot of stores don't mark down some of their merchandise, so it'll be exactly the same the next day! Shop smart, and you'll get the best deals. Another tips is to check out the stores' ads in the newspaper. Some places send out coupons in the week before Black Friday, so there's more deal-power. Overall, just know the deals, write them down, adn match them to what you want to get on Black Friday.

4. Bring more $$$ than you plan on spending
Black Friday is a trap. I admit it, and you should too. They jack up deals so you'll spend more than you usually would and come out with items you didn't know you needed or even wanted. Sometimes, you just have to play into the palm of the store's hand, and I will come clean about the fact I do it every year. That's why I always bring more money than I know I need. If I need $30, I'll bring $50. Or if my shopping is really not directed at all (not many must-haves), maybe I'll bring $75. I just know I need to bring enough to cover any extra spending I do, becaus eI know I'll do a lot. I love buying things, especially when it's discounted. But, who doesn't?

5. BONUS! Pick out your clothes beforehand
This one is rare, but some stores will let you put clothes on hold the day before. So, if you have a chance to go shopping on Thanksgiving or even the Wednesday before (depending on the store, the hold time may be longer or shorter), do that! Some stores will let you put the clothes you find on hold, which helps make your Black Friday shopping quicker and easier. Just head into the store, stand in line, tell them your name, and check out! Easy and fast. And you'll have more time to hit the "just want to check them out" stores on your list.

Are you excited for Black Friday? Which of these tips helped you out the most? Leave your comments below!

ttt // comfy knits

inspiration try this tuesday 10-22-3 try this tuesday 10-22 try this tuesday 10-22-2

Inspiration / Sweater (Similar-$24.95) / Top (Similar-$7.50) / Jeans (Last seen here)
Boots (Last seen here) / Bag (Similar-$9.99)

New feature alert! New feature alert! I am super excited to share with you something I've been working on for a while. You know when you're scrolling through my Pinterest (ahem) and you find an outfit you reeeeally love or that you totally think you can recreate, so you pin it? But then that outfit sits in your board and is completely forgotten? I understand; I used to do that too. Not anymore, though - say hello to Try This Tuesday!

Triple T (as I affectionately call it) is a weekly blog post where I take an outfit that I found on Pinterest and fell in love with and show you how I recreated it! Keep in mind this is not "oh this outfit is kind of close, it'll work" kind of inspiration, but it's more of "oh i have a super similar clothing... it's almost an exact match" kind of inspiration. Don't worry, you'll understand as the feature develops.

Overall, I'm just super excited to be evolving Lichtenstyle in the kind of direction I've been planning for a while. I can't wait to see what happens next, and I hope you come along for the ride!

(i wish they belonged to my) boyfriend jeans

boyfriend jeans 1 boyfriend jeans 2 boyfriend jeans 3 boyfriend jeans 4
Jeans-$36.94 / Top (Last seen here) / Bag (Similar-$21.00) / Shoes (Similar-$24.97)

First of all, did I not already improve on my posing? I told you guys that it's all about being in the swing of things!

Anyway, I was looking through my post drafts and found one that was going to be my first new post when I reopened this blog and it was, believe it or not, a youtube video! It was of me explaining all about m new style and the new, darker kinds of clothes I was going to be wearing, but then I look at outfits like this, and I think "what was I thinking in that video?" There are definitely times when my style will differ to be darker, but there will be times when it looks like this as well. I've since deleted that video and moved on to just showcasing how I love to dress and, hopefully, what you love to see. Cheers to self-understanding.

boots & stripes

Stripes & Boots Stripes & Boots vii Stripes & Boots iv Stripes & Boots iii Stripes & Boots v
Banana Republic Sweater (Similar-$29.00) / Hello Glam Shirt (Similar-$24.99) / Old Navy Jeans (Last seen here) // Matisse Boots (Last seen here) / Francesca's Necklace (Last seen here)
Longchamp Bag (Last seen here)

So... I'm blonde. Surprise! I bet you weren't expecting that! It's been a long time coming, but I absolutely love the color, and I'm so glad to call myself a part of the blonde club. It's still weird for me sometimes, like looking up and just seeing my head full of blonde hair. I'm not 100% used to it... it's just... weird.

I'm also getting better at posing for photographs! Hooray! Maybe I won't look as awkward with my limbs as I usually do. You be the judge (#stillawk).

I'm excited to get posting again. I absolutely missed the blogging life and am so excited to be back!

spring essentials

Olsenboye® Rumer Patent Ankle-Strap Heels // Avon Bold Color Statement Earrings //
Matches Paige Denim // New Look Color Waterfall Blazer // Alloy Rayna Flat //
Dorothy Perkins Petite Pink Midi Skirt // ROMWE Circle Embellished Cream-colored Sunglasses //
Charlotte Russe Rhinestone & Caged Ring Set // NARS Lipstick

With spring just around the corner, it's time to start stocking up on the best of the season. With so many new trends and some timeless ones, there's no better season than spring to celebrate the diversity of fashion. Now that it's starting to warm up (goodbye 20's, hello 50's), get ready to shove that heavy coat to the back of your closet and pull out your pastels and brights. And don't forget your spring florals - they're groundbreaking.

What's on your spring essentials list?

n // spring is sprung

It's finally sunny, warm(ish), and very, very springy where I live! No more snow. Ever. I hope it stays away. Buuuuut, on the plus side, my nails needed a major makeover, and today was just the day; the flowers were blooming, the sky was bright blue, and the spring feeling was in the air. I have to ask you to ignore my messy nail skills (I'm no where near owning a salon), but I hope this tutorial is exciting none the less!

1) Apply a good base coat to ensure a longer-lasting color and better color. I used one from NutraNails.

2) Apply two coats of a pink polish evenly on all nails. I used a L'Oreal Color (it's old!), but you can use any shade of pink you'd like to have as the prominent.

3) Using a white polish, apply it at a slant across a little less than half the nail. Repeat on all nails. For the opposite hand, apply on the other side. This step doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure the line is relatively straight.

4) Using a thin nail art specific brush or a toothpick, apply a bright green line across the edge of the white chunk to create a divide between the colors.Don't worry about this line being perfect either, just be sure to cover up the edge of the white.

5) Don't forget to apply a top coat! Use whatever works best for you, but for best results, use a glossy one.

Tada! Your spring nails are sprung and ready. Get ready to rock them in the sunshine.

how to pamper yourself

Relaxation: it's an art. Some people think that just sitting on the couch can open up your whole spirit, but there's more to serenity than salty foods and reruns you've already seen. Here are some tips on how to open up your shakras and get the most out of your you time. You deserve a good one.

v-day date dresses

{ one // two // three // four }

Valentine's Day is the ultimate dress up day. You can wear white, red, pink (three of the prettiest colors!) and eat as much chocolate as you want. It's just a magical day full of happiness and lots and lots of dresses, so, in an effort to narrow the pool, I compiled my top four! I'm personally eyeing the Topshop Fit and Flare Pink Dress (four). Which one are you loving?

crc // snowed in

Gap Sweater (Similar-$29.00) & Top (Similar-$19.99) | Old Navy Jeans (Last Seen Here)
& Shoes (Last Seen Here) | Monogram Necklace (Last Seen Here)

Happy Closet Remix Challenge day 8!

So it looks like I won't have my computer for the next week or two, so please excuse any late posts / poorly editted ones. I'm doing what I can with what I have. I will be posting, though, so I hope you enjoy it! I can guarantee this will probably be my last #CRC post for this challenge... it was fun while I did it!

crc // stripes & dots

Gap Sweater (Similar-$22.80) | J. Crew Pants (Last Seen Here) / Target Heels (Similar-$27.94)
Old Navy Shirt (Similar-$19.99)

Happy Closet Remix Challenge day 7!

Okay, listen, I kind of cheated on today's challenge outfit. It's 20 degrees here and I have absolutely nothing that is equipped for those kinds of temperatures! So, naturally, I raided my mom's closet. Good thing she had this baby. Warm, functional, stylish... it's the whole package. Thanks mom! Also, don't tell the closet remix challenge police. I promise I won't do it ever again for the rest of the 30 days.

On the other hand, you know how it was 60 degrees yesterday? Yeah, well, it snowed today. Isn't nature awesome? Just as you're about to enjoy the warm weather, snow just dumps on your head. Cool. Awesome. Thanks Mother Nature. I'm running out of snow clothes, though, do you mind warming it up? Much appreciated xo

crc // navy & blazers

Target Blazer (Last seen here) / Gap Skirt (Similar-$10.00) / J. Crew Tank (Similar-$17.98)
Matisse Footwear Boots-Gifted (Similar) / Monogram Online Necklace-Gifted

Happy Closet Remix Challenge day 6!

It was 60+ degrees here. Can you imagine?! Just the other day it was snowing! It's amazing how great warm weather is. Nature is straight up weird.

I had to visit some office buildings after school today, so I wanted to wear something cute.. something that screamed that I could totally rock it in a cubicle. Not that I'd want to. But I totally could.

I've been trying even harder to incorporate the stuff at the back of my closet so that I don't have to throw it away, but I'm definitely failing. All of these pieces are things I wear at least once a month. So there's that. But at least it's still cute.

Do you often incorporate clothes you've been hoarding, or do you just let them chill in the back of your closet?

crc // houndstooth cap

J. Crew Hat (Similar-$11.98) & Pants (Last seen here) / Old Navy Top & Vest (Last seen here)
L.L. Bean Boots-Gifted / Monogram Online Necklace-Gifted

Happy Closet Remix Challenge day 3!

Okay, I'm in love with this hat. Sorry. I am finding any excuse I can to wear it. My head's cold? Wearing it. It matches my outfit at all? Wearing it. I'm bored? Wearing it.

I've been so busy lately, so the fact that I go to show you three outfits in a row is just A+ behavior for me! I'm sorry I've been repeating clothes (I know, I know, the closet remix challenge is about using different things), but it's been limited selection wardrobe wise because I'm not used to it being so cold where I live. I'm starting to warm up to it, though, so hopefully I'll start wearing more diverse things that are really my style; otherwise, it looks like I'm stuck in sweaters, bean boots, and, obviously, my JCrew cap.

What's your go-to outfit when it's freezing cold?

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