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Banana Republic Sweater (Similar-$29.00) / Hello Glam Shirt (Similar-$24.99) / Old Navy Jeans (Last seen here) // Matisse Boots (Last seen here) / Francesca's Necklace (Last seen here)
Longchamp Bag (Last seen here)

So... I'm blonde. Surprise! I bet you weren't expecting that! It's been a long time coming, but I absolutely love the color, and I'm so glad to call myself a part of the blonde club. It's still weird for me sometimes, like looking up and just seeing my head full of blonde hair. I'm not 100% used to it... it's just... weird.

I'm also getting better at posing for photographs! Hooray! Maybe I won't look as awkward with my limbs as I usually do. You be the judge (#stillawk).

I'm excited to get posting again. I absolutely missed the blogging life and am so excited to be back!


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