Winter Hats: Stay A Head of the Trend

Winter Hats
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With the rise of winter hats, gone are the days where you could quietly exclaim "I'm not a hat person!" and have people take that as a totally acceptable excuse. Why? Because now that hats are back at the forefront of fashion (fyi: they never really left), everyone looks good when wearing one. From berets to wide brims, there's a myriad of winter hats that have been showing up everywhere from on the runway to Brooklyn Blonde. For a college student on a budget, it's been really hard for me to follow this trend when the most basic hats are upwards of $20-$50 (what?!), but I've scoped out the best, cheap hats for your head this season. No need to thank me, just wear your winter hats proudly. That's thanks enough.

WW // Winter Must-Haves


I have been following the winter fashion scene for a while, and I mean a while, while. Considering I love everything about the winter season, I look forward to winter must-haves all year. Layers and scarves and booties, oh my! There's nothing I don't like about the style of the season. Another thing that makes me ecstatic about winter must-haves? They always tend to take some sort of theme. Last year was definitely about patterns, but this year is alllllllll classics. I'm talking classic colors, pieces, and cuts. Want to see my winter must-haves for the season? Read on!

1. Midi Rings - $4.90 // 2. Green Plaid Flannel - $36.00 $15.99 (On sale!) // 3. Black Pointed-Toe Loafers - $16.00 // 4. Camel Coat - $36.00 $19.33 (On sale!) // 5. Dark Matte Lipstick (Colourpop LAX) - $6.00 // 6. Pearl Necklace (and earrings!) - $10.00

Flawless Lipstick

I love lipstick. I've loved lipstick since the first time I ever put on makeup. The fact that I can put on mascara with a bold lip and call my makeup done is... amazing to me. The one problem, though? I could never get flawless lipstick. It either feathered, or smudged, or faded in ten minutes. Flawless lipstick was just so hard to achieve. After years and years of trying, I've finally found the steps to give me flawless lipstick. Follow these steps and you, too, can have flawless lipstick!

ww // fall clothes under $35


Fall is just around the corner, and while some people are excited for leaves, pumpkin spice (#PSL), and the colder weather, I'm excited about the fall fashion. And what's better than fall clothes under $35? I'll tell you what: nothing. Looking good and saving money? Yes please.

Personally, I like a style that's a bit more classic than trendy, though I'm sure a few new trends from fashion week will be working their way into my closet soon (here's looking at you, reefer jackets). And what's the best part about classic clothes? You can find them for cheap, like these fall clothes under $35. Here are my must-haves for the upcoming season.

1. Camel Trench Coat - $28.33
I have been in the market for a good trench coat for literally ever. I mean forever ever. They're either not the right material, aka not the right draping pattern, or they are like a million dollars. I'm serious! What's up with that? Some of us are using our millions of dollars to pay for college (that's me). I finally found a really beautiful one at Romwe that drapes how I want it, is the right color, and is super affordable. Swoon.

2. Black Bralette - $9.99
Bralettes are not my friends. I wish they would be. I've been stalking them online and trying to get close to them forever, but they refuse to be my friend. This is because, unfortunately, I am not a member of the itty bitty titty committee. Thanks genetics. But, since I want a bralette so bad, I figured I just needed to take the plunge and buy one. So I did. And now I want another one. I haven't even gotten my first one yet; I just love bralettes. I will sacrifice the integrity of my chest in order to look pretty if I must. And if I have to do this, the bralette better be cheap. This one's $10, so I'm totally on board.

3. Cute Socks - $12.90
I have a love-hate relationship with socks, but they've slowly been making their way into my life. I've discovered tons of ways to wear them and make them look cute, like with jeans and Bean boots or literally any other way you can think of. So I've set out, scouring the internet for cute socks at a cute price. Thankfully, I found these. Isn't the internet great?

4. Black Chelsea Boots - $34.99
I don't understand why boots are so expensive. Like, listen to me: don't do that. Don't make them cost so much money. I get it, like resources and salaries and stuff, but just don't do that anymore. Just give me boots for free. No, I'm just kind of kidding. I am so heart eyes for these chelsea boots because of the price, but also because they're so beautiful. They look so expensive, but they're just H&M boots! I love it. Thanks H&M. I'm going to buy these immediately.

5. Maroon Infinity Scarf - $9.99
Infinity scarfs are the ish. They make any outfit look ten times more put together. Knit infinity scarves? The best of the best. The creme of the crop. The scarf de la scarves. And when an Amazon store is selling them in like fifteen different colors for ten bucks each? Sign me up. One of each, please. I love it.

What are you looking forward to for fall? What's on your fall wishlist? Do you have any fall clothes under $35 you've been eyeing lately?

the rise of the low maintenance style

Low Maintenance Fashion { source }

Let's face it: sometimes getting ready in the morning is just not at the top of your to-do list. The process sometimes feels too tedious to endure, resulting in going for a toned-down, last minute look. I'm talking sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with some makeup on (Drake knows what's up). This collective need to kind of chill out in terms of fashion and makeup has led to the rise of the low maintenance style. This isn't as bad as it sounds; it doesn't involve laziness or lack of hygeniene. Low maintenance style is more about looking your best with the least amount of things, and this is a concept a lot of people are now able to get behind.

How to: Make the Most Out of a College Wardrobe

Make the Most of a College Wardrobe

College is here, or, rather, I'm at college. Being a clothing lover in college is the worst. situation. ever. Why? It's not because everyone else is strutting their stuff or because I can't decide what to wear, but because of the teeny tiny amount of space that I get to store my clothes. And guess what that means for me. That's right: less clothes. My biggest nightmare. So when I was packing for college, I designed a bit of a system that would help me make the most out of a college wardrobe. If you're a student like me, or perhaps you're just looking to cut back on the amount of garments you own (first of all... why?), then read on and learn all about what it takes to always look good on a short clothing budget.

h // dare to try colored hair

Colored Hair: The Spring Trend

I love hair! It's such a strange, exciting concept. Like, I want this blanket of keratin to reach my shoulders. Or maybe to my stomach. Who knows! Hair is so fun because you can change it whenever you want, and it completely changes your style. It's like more permanent jewelry.

Along those lines, hair is a huge part of spring trends (if you hadn't noticed). In fact, I would argue it's the biggest trend of spring 2015. More specifically, I mean colored hair. Now, speaking from experience-uh, red, pink, purple, and orange experience-dying your hair is a big plunge, and it's not easy to maintain. If you already have blonde hair, you're better off, but if you, like me, have dark hair, it's a pain to do. Don't get me wrong, though, colored hair is amazing and gorgeous, and I highly recommend everyone dye their hair a crazy color at least once. If that's your thinking too, now's the perfect time. Time something crazy like a vibrant blue, or maybe tone it back with a pastel pink. The biggest color though is, in my opinion, silver! Isn't that fantastic? I wish my job would let me dye my hair... silver hair, I'm coming to you this winter! Still not sold on the look? Here's a few pics of other awesome and amazing bloggers with hair as bright as their futures!

h // How to Style Short Hair

How to style short hair, short hair, hairstyles, short hair styles, hairstyles for short hair, short hair

I love my hair. I know that's not necessarily something you would expect from me, considering I've cycled through about 5 hair colors over the past 4 months, but it's true. I really do love my hair now. After I had to redo my roots and was too lazy to die them, I knew it was time for a change. I took my long red haired butt down to the hairdresser, and I died it blonde again. Not only that, but I chopped it off. Did I want to? Definitely! Did it hurt that literally the ends of my hair from my shoulders to below my chest were fried and dead? Not in the least! So, here I am now, short haired and blonde, and I never realized how much fun short hair can be!

Something that I learned very quickly after cutting my hair is that short hair is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because it takes, like, zero minutes to style and because the messier it looks the better. But the curse part? Who the heck knows how to style it, because I don't. When I decided to cut it short, I spent hours online looking for easy styles that weren't the average straight, curled, or low bun, yet I barely came up with anything. So, this one is for those with short hair who are looking to mix it up, or maybe someone considering cutting their hair. Short hair + these hairstyles = amazing. It's guaranteed.

I'm going to be showing you 3 different hairstyles that short-haired peeps can use! I currently have a v-cut that is somewhere between bob and lob, so some of these may be more appropriate for one or the other. Either way, here are some styles that those with short hair can rock and look amazing in!

the grand return

Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, Old Navy Top, Nude Heels, Short hair, Outfit of the Day, Simple outfit of the day Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, Old Navy Top, Nude Heels, Short hair, Outfit of the Day, Simple outfit of the day Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, Old Navy Top, Nude Heels, Short hair, Outfit of the Day, Simple outfit of the day Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, Old Navy Top, Nude Heels, Short hair, Outfit of the Day, Simple outfit of the day Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, Old Navy Top, Nude Heels, Short hair, Outfit of the Day, Simple outfit of the day Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, Old Navy Top, Nude Heels, Short hair, Outfit of the Day, Simple outfit of the day Old Navy Top-$24.94 & Jeans-$34.94 / Liz Claiborne Nude Heels (Similar-$22.99) / Consignment Necklace (Similar-$18.00) / Thrifted Bag (Similar on eBay-at your own risk!)

Cue the trumpets... Lichtenstyle is officially back! And I mean, back and better than ever! The main difference around here is that Lichtenstyle is no longer just a fashion blog, but it's one focused on showing you amazing fashions on a super shoestring budget (aka, a student's budget. aka, my budget). Isn't that exciting? This is something that will give me infinite ideas and inspiration to keep Lichtenstyle alive.

What else is in store, you ask? You'll just have to wait and see. For now, here's what you can find new around the site:
• All old posts have been updated! Why not try going back and rereading your favorite post?
• Prices have been added to items, check it out.
• Speaking of items, all linked pieces have updated links, which means you can totally go buy that shirt you were sad sold out now.
• New theme! I mean, isn't it awesome?! I #loveit.
• The pages have been updated, and new categories added, making it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

All in all, I'm really excited for this chapter of Lichtenstyle to begin, and I'm so happy you guys are coming along for the ride.

What do you think of Lichtenstyle's new look?

a new look

Hey guys! I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry for the lack of posts. I decided to give Lichtenstyle a major face lift, and it's taking a lot longer than I thought! Don't worry, it'll be back very soon!

cozy sweater, cold day

1 3 4 2
Sweater-$19.99 / Scarf (Similar-$19.00) / Jeans-$34.50 / Shoes (Similar-$34.99)
Bag-Gifted (Similar-$27.90)

I'm baaaaaaack. Like, hopefully really back. The problem was that my camera charger is gone. I think forever. And, sure, I could just wander over to the battery store and buy a new one, but that takes effort, and that sounds gross. So, for a quick fix, I am currently using my old Kodak camera until I can muster up the energy to go buy a new battery. So, until then, enjoy these kind of grainy but still super cute outfit photos. Yep, that's about right.

Okay, now I'm going to get real with you guys for a second. My hair is pink. Like, pink, pink. And I love it. What do you all think? The purple was okay, but I really, really love this pink. Expect it for a while, because I'm not letting it go anywhere.

I really missed posting here, and one of my resolutions in 2015 is to start posting more regularly, so I'm going to do just that. I'm going to start with Tuesdays and Thursdays, with Tuesdays being "Try This Tuesday" and Thursdays being an outfit from my own mind. I'm super excited to start this blog back up. Let me know what you think about my hair in the comments!