Fashion Uniform

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Hello beauties! College has been getting the absolute most of me. If I'm now working or at a club, I'm in class. It's draining! But it's also oh, so worth it. Amongst all the academic chaos, however, I've found my way to a cozy and cool fashion uniform. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm not talking grey sweatsuit uniform. I'd rather wear culottes than get caught in that (aka, I would never). Basically, my fashion uniform became an interesting patterned piece with a bright colored piece topped (or... footed) with a nice pair of heeled booties. The above outfit is one of my favorites to wear when it's warmer out, and I got to break it out in the 60º weather of the Boston weekend. I love this combination! There's nothing that makes me happier than birds, bright red, and a sunny day.

What's your go-to fashion "uniform?"

Lucky Number 7

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I've been back at school for over a month now since coming back from winter break, and I already miss it. I took this photoshoot right before I left and right after I found this lucky number 7 sweater in my mom's closet (it's mine now). This has got to be my favorite sweater now, though, and it totally reminds me of home. The funny thing is, number 7 really is my lucky number, so the fact that I dug it out of my mom's sweaters and really feel connected to it is so funny! Every time I peep it in my closet. I just think of being back at home with my family with the freedom to dress for warmer weather -- Boston definitely does not give you warm weather on a usual basis. This lucky number 7 sweater is probably my favorite thing in my outfit right now.

Do you have a lucky number or something in your closet that reminds you of home?

2016 Style Resolutions

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New Years Eve has always been, for me, a night for celebrating with good food and good people. As the clock ticks down, I'm always hoping that next year will bring a plethora of changes; this year was no different. I always pretend that I'll work out more (I mean... I should), spend less (again...), and that all my style dreams will come true. That last one's kind of vague, no? And I've realized, that if I want all my style dreams to come true, it means that I have to work piece by piece and very hard. And this year, I think I'm ready. So, in order to make all of my style dreams come true, I've created a list of style resolutions that I'm promising to stick by this year.

1. Dress everyday like it's a style post
Up to this point, I really have thought about my style choices as alright, especially compared to other bloggers (see #2). Because of that, I tended to dress okay in real life and put my absolute best outfit forward for style posts on the blog. There are so many reasons I need to change that mindset. For one, I want to start posting more style posts for you guys, so I need to be ready any day. Also, fake it 'til you make it. I love my style, and I need to start loving it more until I can pop on anything and be certain I look good. If that means dressing up, so be it.

2. Stop comparing myself to other bloggers
Comparison kills. It's true.

3. Invest in classic pieces, not "must-haves"

Are you planning on making style resolutions this year? What's on your list?

Winter Hats: Stay A Head of the Trend

Winter Hats
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With the rise of winter hats, gone are the days where you could quietly exclaim "I'm not a hat person!" and have people take that as a totally acceptable excuse. Why? Because now that hats are back at the forefront of fashion (fyi: they never really left), everyone looks good when wearing one. From berets to wide brims, there's a myriad of winter hats that have been showing up everywhere from on the runway to Brooklyn Blonde. For a college student on a budget, it's been really hard for me to follow this trend when the most basic hats are upwards of $20-$50 (what?!), but I've scoped out the best, cheap hats for your head this season. No need to thank me, just wear your winter hats proudly. That's thanks enough.

WW // Winter Must-Haves


I have been following the winter fashion scene for a while, and I mean a while, while. Considering I love everything about the winter season, I look forward to winter must-haves all year. Layers and scarves and booties, oh my! There's nothing I don't like about the style of the season. Another thing that makes me ecstatic about winter must-haves? They always tend to take some sort of theme. Last year was definitely about patterns, but this year is alllllllll classics. I'm talking classic colors, pieces, and cuts. Want to see my winter must-haves for the season? Read on!

1. Midi Rings - $4.90 // 2. Green Plaid Flannel - $36.00 $15.99 (On sale!) // 3. Black Pointed-Toe Loafers - $16.00 // 4. Camel Coat - $36.00 $19.33 (On sale!) // 5. Dark Matte Lipstick (Colourpop LAX) - $6.00 // 6. Pearl Necklace (and earrings!) - $10.00

Flawless Lipstick

I love lipstick. I've loved lipstick since the first time I ever put on makeup. The fact that I can put on mascara with a bold lip and call my makeup done is... amazing to me. The one problem, though? I could never get flawless lipstick. It either feathered, or smudged, or faded in ten minutes. Flawless lipstick was just so hard to achieve. After years and years of trying, I've finally found the steps to give me flawless lipstick. Follow these steps and you, too, can have flawless lipstick!

ww // fall clothes under $35


Fall is just around the corner, and while some people are excited for leaves, pumpkin spice (#PSL), and the colder weather, I'm excited about the fall fashion. And what's better than fall clothes under $35? I'll tell you what: nothing. Looking good and saving money? Yes please.

Personally, I like a style that's a bit more classic than trendy, though I'm sure a few new trends from fashion week will be working their way into my closet soon (here's looking at you, reefer jackets). And what's the best part about classic clothes? You can find them for cheap, like these fall clothes under $35. Here are my must-haves for the upcoming season.

1. Camel Trench Coat - $28.33
I have been in the market for a good trench coat for literally ever. I mean forever ever. They're either not the right material, aka not the right draping pattern, or they are like a million dollars. I'm serious! What's up with that? Some of us are using our millions of dollars to pay for college (that's me). I finally found a really beautiful one at Romwe that drapes how I want it, is the right color, and is super affordable. Swoon.

2. Black Bralette - $9.99
Bralettes are not my friends. I wish they would be. I've been stalking them online and trying to get close to them forever, but they refuse to be my friend. This is because, unfortunately, I am not a member of the itty bitty titty committee. Thanks genetics. But, since I want a bralette so bad, I figured I just needed to take the plunge and buy one. So I did. And now I want another one. I haven't even gotten my first one yet; I just love bralettes. I will sacrifice the integrity of my chest in order to look pretty if I must. And if I have to do this, the bralette better be cheap. This one's $10, so I'm totally on board.

3. Cute Socks - $12.90
I have a love-hate relationship with socks, but they've slowly been making their way into my life. I've discovered tons of ways to wear them and make them look cute, like with jeans and Bean boots or literally any other way you can think of. So I've set out, scouring the internet for cute socks at a cute price. Thankfully, I found these. Isn't the internet great?

4. Black Chelsea Boots - $34.99
I don't understand why boots are so expensive. Like, listen to me: don't do that. Don't make them cost so much money. I get it, like resources and salaries and stuff, but just don't do that anymore. Just give me boots for free. No, I'm just kind of kidding. I am so heart eyes for these chelsea boots because of the price, but also because they're so beautiful. They look so expensive, but they're just H&M boots! I love it. Thanks H&M. I'm going to buy these immediately.

5. Maroon Infinity Scarf - $9.99
Infinity scarfs are the ish. They make any outfit look ten times more put together. Knit infinity scarves? The best of the best. The creme of the crop. The scarf de la scarves. And when an Amazon store is selling them in like fifteen different colors for ten bucks each? Sign me up. One of each, please. I love it.

What are you looking forward to for fall? What's on your fall wishlist? Do you have any fall clothes under $35 you've been eyeing lately?