4 tips (+ a bonus!) on how to survive black friday

How to Survive Black Friday 

Let's face it: Black Friday is crazy. We always go into it with the mindset of just getting that one pair of yoga pants or that one dress, but, suddenly, The Gap is having a free dress with a $150 purchase, and, before you know it, you've spent $300. Stop the madness! Going into Black Friday with a plan is the right thing to do, but it may not always be the best. Here's 4 (+ a bonus!) ways to beat the shopping scares.

1. Make a wishlist
But, didn't you just say making a list is bad?! Yep, I did. Totally. But making a list is also how you make sure you get what you really came to get. Maybe Ulta's having an insane sale on the Naked palette, and you've been waiting all year to get it. Write it down! Making a list of the must-buys will help you focus your shopping trip on the things that you must have bought by the end of the night. These items are the absolute musts that you'll wake up in a cold sweat the night after if you don't purchase.

2. Plan your stores
Figure out exactly where you're going to go, but don't set time restrictions on each store, because you'll never be able to predict the line. One year, I stood in line for 2 hours at a Victoria's Secret. It was rough. But the next year, I only spent 15 minutes in line there! Lines are unpredictable. Plus, you may have to fight for a specific piece (guilty!), especially if it's the last thing on your must-buy list. Because of all of the extraneous factors, make sure you pick your stores beforehand. I shop at the same mall every year but, as I get older, my store interests grow and change, so the stores I go to change as well. On the same sheet of paper as your absolute buys, write down all the shops you want to go to, even the ones you just want to browse. Then, order them from "have to go's" to "just want to check them out's." That way, you'll know what stores to hit and which stores to miss.

3. Know the deals
Once you know your stores, visit their websites to find out what their deals will be. Write the deals down next to the stores. If you want to buy a dress from The Gap, but their dresses aren't marked down at all, don't buy the dress! It's easy to get swept up in the Black Friday moment and assume everything's going to be more expensive the next day but, honestly, a lot of stores don't mark down some of their merchandise, so it'll be exactly the same the next day! Shop smart, and you'll get the best deals. Another tips is to check out the stores' ads in the newspaper. Some places send out coupons in the week before Black Friday, so there's more deal-power. Overall, just know the deals, write them down, adn match them to what you want to get on Black Friday.

4. Bring more $$$ than you plan on spending
Black Friday is a trap. I admit it, and you should too. They jack up deals so you'll spend more than you usually would and come out with items you didn't know you needed or even wanted. Sometimes, you just have to play into the palm of the store's hand, and I will come clean about the fact I do it every year. That's why I always bring more money than I know I need. If I need $30, I'll bring $50. Or if my shopping is really not directed at all (not many must-haves), maybe I'll bring $75. I just know I need to bring enough to cover any extra spending I do, becaus eI know I'll do a lot. I love buying things, especially when it's discounted. But, who doesn't?

5. BONUS! Pick out your clothes beforehand
This one is rare, but some stores will let you put clothes on hold the day before. So, if you have a chance to go shopping on Thanksgiving or even the Wednesday before (depending on the store, the hold time may be longer or shorter), do that! Some stores will let you put the clothes you find on hold, which helps make your Black Friday shopping quicker and easier. Just head into the store, stand in line, tell them your name, and check out! Easy and fast. And you'll have more time to hit the "just want to check them out" stores on your list.

Are you excited for Black Friday? Which of these tips helped you out the most? Leave your comments below!


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