spring essentials

Olsenboye® Rumer Patent Ankle-Strap Heels // Avon Bold Color Statement Earrings //
Matches Paige Denim // New Look Color Waterfall Blazer // Alloy Rayna Flat //
Dorothy Perkins Petite Pink Midi Skirt // ROMWE Circle Embellished Cream-colored Sunglasses //
Charlotte Russe Rhinestone & Caged Ring Set // NARS Lipstick

With spring just around the corner, it's time to start stocking up on the best of the season. With so many new trends and some timeless ones, there's no better season than spring to celebrate the diversity of fashion. Now that it's starting to warm up (goodbye 20's, hello 50's), get ready to shove that heavy coat to the back of your closet and pull out your pastels and brights. And don't forget your spring florals - they're groundbreaking.

What's on your spring essentials list?

n // spring is sprung

It's finally sunny, warm(ish), and very, very springy where I live! No more snow. Ever. I hope it stays away. Buuuuut, on the plus side, my nails needed a major makeover, and today was just the day; the flowers were blooming, the sky was bright blue, and the spring feeling was in the air. I have to ask you to ignore my messy nail skills (I'm no where near owning a salon), but I hope this tutorial is exciting none the less!

1) Apply a good base coat to ensure a longer-lasting color and better color. I used one from NutraNails.

2) Apply two coats of a pink polish evenly on all nails. I used a L'Oreal Color (it's old!), but you can use any shade of pink you'd like to have as the prominent.

3) Using a white polish, apply it at a slant across a little less than half the nail. Repeat on all nails. For the opposite hand, apply on the other side. This step doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure the line is relatively straight.

4) Using a thin nail art specific brush or a toothpick, apply a bright green line across the edge of the white chunk to create a divide between the colors.Don't worry about this line being perfect either, just be sure to cover up the edge of the white.

5) Don't forget to apply a top coat! Use whatever works best for you, but for best results, use a glossy one.

Tada! Your spring nails are sprung and ready. Get ready to rock them in the sunshine.

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Relaxation: it's an art. Some people think that just sitting on the couch can open up your whole spirit, but there's more to serenity than salty foods and reruns you've already seen. Here are some tips on how to open up your shakras and get the most out of your you time. You deserve a good one.