creepy costumes: black is back

For the next part of this costume series, I figured I'd show you some ideas for costumes using a little black dress in contrast with the LWD post I did on Sunday. First off is a costume I think is a classic and one that I see every year, but on a very limited number of people, making it a good choice! That costume is: Wednesday Addams! Start with a long sleeved dress, wear a collared shirt under it, pair with black stocking and combat boots, and top it all off with those famous middle-parted pigtail braids, and you'll be saying that murder is on your mind in no time! *Alternatively, some dresses already come with white collars & cuffs! A personal favorite costume of mine is one of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's (go watch it right now). I think it's timeless, classy, and extremely elegant, not to mention easily recognized and cute! If you have a floor length blackdress, use that, but if not, start with a spaghetti / thin strapped black dress. Add long white gloves, a small tiara pushed in your hair, a thick strand of pearls, and almond toes heels. Finish with a big pair of black shades and a thin, long cigarette and you're (movie) gold. The final costume I have to show you today is a referee! This one is very simple as well, making it a good last minute choice. Start with a body-con or tight dress and simply add a striped (either vertically or horizontally striped, though vertical makes it look more obvious) blazer, a pair of white with black stripes knee socks, comfy white sneakers, and a whistle and you're done. Complete the look with any accessories you think would work well i.e. a hat, penalty cards, and a sports ball.

Which of the LBD looks are your fav? Planning to try any of them out this season? Let me know in the comments below!

creepy costumes: all white

Still on the hunt for a last minute costume? You're in luck! For the next few days, I'll be displaying a few easy and quick costumes that you can throw together and still make it out looking fabulous. Today's theme is little white dress. For a cute little sailor outfit you can throw together, you need to start with a good base: a fit and flare white dress! Add a blue and white striped cardigan to get the nautical look that you think of when you hear sailor; furthermore, to complete this idea, add red heels / shoes with a bright red lipstick and a cute little anchor pin. Finish the look off with a paper sailor hat from any party store (or, if you want the added benefit of donuts, stop by a local Krispy Kreme and just cover the letter with paper or paint). For another easy white dress look, think scrumptious and unleash your inner cook! Start with a white dress and white apron, add a comfortable pair of white shoes, and throw in a whisk or other recognizable kitchen utensil. Pop on a paper chef hat and finish the costume off with a pop of any color on the lips to break up the monotone white! The final look I have to show you is my favorite one... a winter fairy! Start with a detailed and long-sleeved white dress (try a criss-cross detail or lace!) and add some fairy wings from a store or make your own*! Then add some glitter tights* and white, sparkling shoes. Throw in a cute wand and a nice flower crown*, and you're ready to fly!

What are you planning on wearing for Halloween? Which one of these is your favorite look?

* DIY Fairy Wings, glitter tights, and flower crowns!

fashion 101

Top: Old Navy-$21.00 / Blazer: Target (Similar-$29.99) / Leggings: Victoria's Secret-$19.50
Boots: A Gift (Similar-$18.75 sale)

Hey myself, would it kill you to smile?

I'm not really one to wear blazers - er, I mean, have blazers - because they're so much money for some reason (and I'm just broke); however, I was able to snatch this beauty on sale and with a coupon and, let me tell you, there was no second thought in my mind. Also, yes, I am definitely wearing leggings as pants and nothing you say will make me stop this madness. It's like wearing a t-shirt on your legs. There's literally nothing better. If you've never tried it, do it, and thank me later. Seriously.

creepy costumes: yabadabadoo

Since Halloween is right around the corner, and not everyone is as single as me, I figured a couple costume would be a good way to make sure I cover all my bases! Here's a really simple and easy one to make that will throw you and your partner way, way back to the cartoon days.

Fred and Wilma Flinstone doesn't require a lot of effort, and you can totally throw it togather the day of a party. I used this tutorial (keep in mind I sewed mine), but as it broke throughout the day, I found that hot glue was the best substitute for stitching (I'm not super great at sewing). Alternatively, a large men's shirt can be tailored to fit you, or you can go on the hunt for a simple white dress. For me, the white sheet was the most accessible and the cheapest, so I was on it!

Accessories really make the outfit, though. The tutorial I mentioned before gives you an opportunity to DIY a necklace, but any pearl necklace will work, chunky or not. And to top it off, put on some pearl earrings (if you're looking for the chun kier look, hunt around for pearl clip-ons, they tend to be larger). With the shoes, I opted for brown sandals to be as close to stone age as possible, but if you're brave enough, barefoot it! Otherwise, nude flats or minimal sandals do the trick.

For the Fred costume, my friend cut up a sheet as well, but an extremely over-sized orange shirt could do the trick with a couple cuts on the bottom and a black marker. Add a blue tie, and you're done! We both chose to use sprayable hair dye from the local party supply store, really making the costume complete.

Would you ever do a couple costume? What's the best one you've ever seen?

creepy costumes: up in the sky

Formal apology: sorry about the awful pictures!

Halloween is right around the corner, and, if you follow me on twitter, you'll know I've been desperately meaning to do a series on potential costumes! Thankfully, I found a good venue (though not great - curses, rain!) and a good amount of time to take the photos. Please excuse the quality; like I said it's raining and fairly dark outside.

So, without further ado, here's the first installment in costumes: a flight attendant! This one is fairly easy to recreate.. all you need is a white oxford, a solid colored pencil skirt, a nice ascot, for small scarf, and a pair of nude heels! If you don't have a pair of wings, you can do what I did and just print out a nice image from online, cut out, and attach to shirt with tape! It's foolproof.

Keep the hair and makeup simple: a tight low bun and simple liquid liner with a bit of lip gloss. The best part of the old-timey flight attendants is their overwhelming self-confidence and pride that they carry themselves with. This costume is perfect for a quick throw-together and a really low effort party / get together!

What did you think of this costume? What are you planning to be for Halloween?

the season's biggest trend

Leopard print is really big this coming season and continues to stay in style through every time of the year. Basically, leopard print is a classic and necessary part of anyone's closet. sometimes it can be hard to style the busy design, though, so here are some ways to do just that! For a casual style, try pairing a busy leopard blouse with dark wash jeans, a bright colored necklace, and a pair of riding boots. The jeans can also be switched with leggings or black jeans as well! The trick to this outfit is making sure you have a bright colored necklace to contrast with the shirt and making everything else neutral. Looking to incorporate leopard in a business setting or just want to wear a more business attire-y outfit? A good way outfit is a crisp white oxford, a nice pencil skirt, and leopard accessories. For this example, I chose a deep red leather skirt to show a mix of textures and because I love this color for fall. In order to have more than one leopard accessory, I would suggest getting them both in close to or exactly identical prints for cohesion. The last way to style it is by mixing prints! I, personally, am slightly terrified of mixing prints because I don't want to be the poster child for how not to do it. BUT, if there's anything I've learned from the fashion community, it's that prints work if they are different sizes. So for this outfit, I paired a large leopard print with a small striped top and a pair of nude flats. If you chose to take such a daring route, make sure the rest of the outfit is simple and neutral!

Which is your favorite way to style? How do you wear leopard?

sneakers on steroids

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Fashion trends come and go, but one that I've seen in the front and center for a lot longer than I expected is sneaker wedges. I don't know if they're something I could ever pull off, but for some reason, I really want to try. I've seen a ton of bloggers trying them out and styling them perfectly, but I feel like if they landed in my hands, they'd just become dirty, gross lazy day shoes. Honestly, that's what I think of when I think sneakers: lazy day shoes that you throw on with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and you're good to go. Hm, maybe wedge sneakers don't sound to bad after all. They are super comfortable on top of being an easy go to. I'm slowly being persuaded now!

What about you? What do you think of wedge sneakers? Will you be trying out this trend or passing?