Winter Hats: Stay A Head of the Trend

Winter Hats
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With the rise of winter hats, gone are the days where you could quietly exclaim "I'm not a hat person!" and have people take that as a totally acceptable excuse. Why? Because now that hats are back at the forefront of fashion (fyi: they never really left), everyone looks good when wearing one. From berets to wide brims, there's a myriad of winter hats that have been showing up everywhere from on the runway to Brooklyn Blonde. For a college student on a budget, it's been really hard for me to follow this trend when the most basic hats are upwards of $20-$50 (what?!), but I've scoped out the best, cheap hats for your head this season. No need to thank me, just wear your winter hats proudly. That's thanks enough.

WW // Winter Must-Haves


I have been following the winter fashion scene for a while, and I mean a while, while. Considering I love everything about the winter season, I look forward to winter must-haves all year. Layers and scarves and booties, oh my! There's nothing I don't like about the style of the season. Another thing that makes me ecstatic about winter must-haves? They always tend to take some sort of theme. Last year was definitely about patterns, but this year is alllllllll classics. I'm talking classic colors, pieces, and cuts. Want to see my winter must-haves for the season? Read on!

1. Midi Rings - $4.90 // 2. Green Plaid Flannel - $36.00 $15.99 (On sale!) // 3. Black Pointed-Toe Loafers - $16.00 // 4. Camel Coat - $36.00 $19.33 (On sale!) // 5. Dark Matte Lipstick (Colourpop LAX) - $6.00 // 6. Pearl Necklace (and earrings!) - $10.00

Flawless Lipstick

I love lipstick. I've loved lipstick since the first time I ever put on makeup. The fact that I can put on mascara with a bold lip and call my makeup done is... amazing to me. The one problem, though? I could never get flawless lipstick. It either feathered, or smudged, or faded in ten minutes. Flawless lipstick was just so hard to achieve. After years and years of trying, I've finally found the steps to give me flawless lipstick. Follow these steps and you, too, can have flawless lipstick!