Winter Hats: Stay A Head of the Trend

Winter Hats
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With the rise of winter hats, gone are the days where you could quietly exclaim "I'm not a hat person!" and have people take that as a totally acceptable excuse. Why? Because now that hats are back at the forefront of fashion (fyi: they never really left), everyone looks good when wearing one. From berets to wide brims, there's a myriad of winter hats that have been showing up everywhere from on the runway to Brooklyn Blonde. For a college student on a budget, it's been really hard for me to follow this trend when the most basic hats are upwards of $20-$50 (what?!), but I've scoped out the best, cheap hats for your head this season. No need to thank me, just wear your winter hats proudly. That's thanks enough.

1. Beanies - $4
I know, I know. I'm sure you're extremely tired of hearing about beanies. They're everywhere! They're for teenagers! They ruin my hair! I get it, and I hear you, but I need you to do the same for me when I say that beanies are a classic piece that belong on the shelf next to your most prized pair of pearls. A good beanie is so long-lasting and versatile, that I just can't imagine not having one. I like to stick to the classic black, and I throw it on when I feel like my outfit needs just a little something. Would I wear it with a sundress? No, because it's not made for that. I think of beanies as the crowning jewel on a lazy day outfit. Oversized sweater, leggings, and black heeled booties? Put a bird beanie on it. It'll take your look from 0-100 real quick. I promise you. The best part? You can get a good beanie for under $5 at the right place at the right time.

2. Baseball Hats - $6
A baseball hat? When's the last time you wore that? Elementary school? Probably. But now's your chance to relive the youngest years of your life with the best hats of all time. Baseball hats are my absolute favorite hat choice. They're the perfect addition when you're having a bad hair day, or your dry shampoo isn't as up-to-par as you thought. They can be worn on hair that's pulled up or down, and they come in a variety of patterns or designs. I'm a sucker for the classic one color cap, but there are so many cool designs, from minimal animals to crazy foods. A few caveats about baseball hats, though: 1. Don't think that because it's a baseball hat, you can just buy a men's hat. Don't. They cut women's caps differently, and they flatter the head more, allowing for a cuter and less clunky look. 2. Baseball hats tend to fade in and out of style. I won't lie; sometimes you can find them on every blogger's head, sometimes they're nowhere to be found. I would suggest getting just one or two stylish ones for now. They're on the rise again, but they haven't hit their breakout yet. Otherwise, go for the gold with this type of hat.

3. Fedoras - $10
I am not talking about the Blue's Brothers fedoras. I'm talking about 1920s gangster fedoras either. I'm talking about slightly oversize, solid colored, stylish fedoras. They're like the less-important sister to the wide-brimmed floppy hat (the Peggy Schuyler to the Schuyler sisters, if you will). They tend to have a taller head portion and a smaller brim, but, when worn correctly, they don't look as awkward as they sound. I like the look of them with flowy mini-dresses or even tighter maxi dresses. They have a very bo-ho vibe, and I would argue even more so than the wide brim. Just make sure you look for a more over-sized fit; a tight fedora will not make you look very good. I promise you.

4. Wide-brim hat - $14
Ah, the classic wide-brim hat. You've seen it, you've learned about it, you probably love it. I know I do. It goes with everything: jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings... I mean everything. I just bought one, and I love that when I'm in a pinch, I can braid my hair and throw it on to make it look like I actually tried. Or, if I have time (which is... never), I can curl or straighten my hair and pop it right on. You literally cannot go wrong with a wide-brim hat.


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