Flawless Lipstick

I love lipstick. I've loved lipstick since the first time I ever put on makeup. The fact that I can put on mascara with a bold lip and call my makeup done is... amazing to me. The one problem, though? I could never get flawless lipstick. It either feathered, or smudged, or faded in ten minutes. Flawless lipstick was just so hard to achieve. After years and years of trying, I've finally found the steps to give me flawless lipstick. Follow these steps and you, too, can have flawless lipstick!

For this walk-through, I'm going to be using a Jordana lip liner and a Lime Crime liquid lipstick. I do not suggest buying from Lime Crime, however. For more info about that, read here. Mine was given to me as a gift. Anyway, this tutorial will work for liquid or stick lipstick, as well as any finish (matte, sheer, satin, etc.).

The first step is to apply chapstick and a primer. I apply chapstick before doing the rest of my makeup so that it's set on my lips by the time I get to lipstick. I've also already applied MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip, but I didn't take any pictures of it.

The next step is to apply a lip liner. Make sure you apply the liner right on the edge of the lips. On the top of the lips, I like to make an "X" on my cupids bow so that I get it really defined. At this step, I tend to over-draw my lips just a bit (I'm not talking Kylie Jenner), especially when I'm using a dark color. Do what feels right or natural for you at this step, though. Lining lips is essential because it's laying the foundation for your eventual color. It prevents feathering as the day goes on, and it helps lipstick stay longer. If you truly want flawless lipstick, you cannot skip this step.

At this point, go ahead and apply your lipstick! I start by going around the edges to get them really crisp. The good thing about having lined the lips first is that it provides an outline for the lipstick. After I go around the edges, I fill all of the lips in before going back and sharping the outline.

After the lipstick is all applied, I press my lips together to make sure the color is distributed evenly. The trick here is never to smush your lips together. When you mash them together, it makes some of the color rub off and makes the lipstick look less than. What to do instead is to gently press your lips together and then apart a bunch of times. Never press, hold, and rub them around. I know these pictures aren't super flattering, but it was worth it to give you this tip. When I learned it, my lipstick started applying soooo much better. Try it next time. You can thank me later.

Blot, blot, blot! Blot in the same method as the last step suggested. It's pretty simple.

For the next step, take some face powder, a fluffy brush, and a tissue. Holding the tissue over your lips, take some powder and brush it over your lips through the tissue. You may not feel brush, but I promise the powder is getting through. The goal is to cover your lips in powder, but you don't want to put so much powder on that your lips change color. Opt for a translucent powder if possible.

Almost done! To really clean up the lipstick and get that flawless look, go back with a concealer and a tiny brush. Take a nice amount of concealer and run your brush along the edges of your lips. I take this time to make sure my lipstick is even, the lips are symmetrical, and my cupid's bow looks very carved out (I like it that way). It's extremely important to take your time on this step because it's extremely crucial to how your lips look at the end of the process. Continue applying concealer, and don't forget to blend, blend, blend out the concealer lines so they don't look stark and drawn on!

final1 final2

And, you're all done! Revel in your flawless lipstick application. Kiss someone! Take lots of selfies! Enjoy your totally and completely perfect lipstick. I promise you that if you follow these steps, it'll look great!

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