2016 Style Resolutions

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New Years Eve has always been, for me, a night for celebrating with good food and good people. As the clock ticks down, I'm always hoping that next year will bring a plethora of changes; this year was no different. I always pretend that I'll work out more (I mean... I should), spend less (again...), and that all my style dreams will come true. That last one's kind of vague, no? And I've realized, that if I want all my style dreams to come true, it means that I have to work piece by piece and very hard. And this year, I think I'm ready. So, in order to make all of my style dreams come true, I've created a list of style resolutions that I'm promising to stick by this year.

1. Dress everyday like it's a style post
Up to this point, I really have thought about my style choices as alright, especially compared to other bloggers (see #2). Because of that, I tended to dress okay in real life and put my absolute best outfit forward for style posts on the blog. There are so many reasons I need to change that mindset. For one, I want to start posting more style posts for you guys, so I need to be ready any day. Also, fake it 'til you make it. I love my style, and I need to start loving it more until I can pop on anything and be certain I look good. If that means dressing up, so be it.

2. Stop comparing myself to other bloggers
Comparison kills. It's true.

3. Invest in classic pieces, not "must-haves"

Are you planning on making style resolutions this year? What's on your list?


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