Lucky Number 7

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I've been back at school for over a month now since coming back from winter break, and I already miss it. I took this photoshoot right before I left and right after I found this lucky number 7 sweater in my mom's closet (it's mine now). This has got to be my favorite sweater now, though, and it totally reminds me of home. The funny thing is, number 7 really is my lucky number, so the fact that I dug it out of my mom's sweaters and really feel connected to it is so funny! Every time I peep it in my closet. I just think of being back at home with my family with the freedom to dress for warmer weather -- Boston definitely does not give you warm weather on a usual basis. This lucky number 7 sweater is probably my favorite thing in my outfit right now.

Do you have a lucky number or something in your closet that reminds you of home?


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