creepy costumes: yabadabadoo

Since Halloween is right around the corner, and not everyone is as single as me, I figured a couple costume would be a good way to make sure I cover all my bases! Here's a really simple and easy one to make that will throw you and your partner way, way back to the cartoon days.

Fred and Wilma Flinstone doesn't require a lot of effort, and you can totally throw it togather the day of a party. I used this tutorial (keep in mind I sewed mine), but as it broke throughout the day, I found that hot glue was the best substitute for stitching (I'm not super great at sewing). Alternatively, a large men's shirt can be tailored to fit you, or you can go on the hunt for a simple white dress. For me, the white sheet was the most accessible and the cheapest, so I was on it!

Accessories really make the outfit, though. The tutorial I mentioned before gives you an opportunity to DIY a necklace, but any pearl necklace will work, chunky or not. And to top it off, put on some pearl earrings (if you're looking for the chun kier look, hunt around for pearl clip-ons, they tend to be larger). With the shoes, I opted for brown sandals to be as close to stone age as possible, but if you're brave enough, barefoot it! Otherwise, nude flats or minimal sandals do the trick.

For the Fred costume, my friend cut up a sheet as well, but an extremely over-sized orange shirt could do the trick with a couple cuts on the bottom and a black marker. Add a blue tie, and you're done! We both chose to use sprayable hair dye from the local party supply store, really making the costume complete.

Would you ever do a couple costume? What's the best one you've ever seen?


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