the season's biggest trend

Leopard print is really big this coming season and continues to stay in style through every time of the year. Basically, leopard print is a classic and necessary part of anyone's closet. sometimes it can be hard to style the busy design, though, so here are some ways to do just that! For a casual style, try pairing a busy leopard blouse with dark wash jeans, a bright colored necklace, and a pair of riding boots. The jeans can also be switched with leggings or black jeans as well! The trick to this outfit is making sure you have a bright colored necklace to contrast with the shirt and making everything else neutral. Looking to incorporate leopard in a business setting or just want to wear a more business attire-y outfit? A good way outfit is a crisp white oxford, a nice pencil skirt, and leopard accessories. For this example, I chose a deep red leather skirt to show a mix of textures and because I love this color for fall. In order to have more than one leopard accessory, I would suggest getting them both in close to or exactly identical prints for cohesion. The last way to style it is by mixing prints! I, personally, am slightly terrified of mixing prints because I don't want to be the poster child for how not to do it. BUT, if there's anything I've learned from the fashion community, it's that prints work if they are different sizes. So for this outfit, I paired a large leopard print with a small striped top and a pair of nude flats. If you chose to take such a daring route, make sure the rest of the outfit is simple and neutral!

Which is your favorite way to style? How do you wear leopard?


  1. I love ALL of these outfits. SO my style. Hope you're having a great weekend!