it's a ruff life

Top: Jcrew c/o A thrift shop (Similar-$9.99) / Sweater: Old Navy-Unavailable
Jeans: Old Navy-$29.94 / Shoes: Target-$9.78

Apple picking is my favorite part of the entire year, mostly because it means that autumn is right around the corner. This year promised nothing less, what with cool air and lots of apples to be picked, I could feel the fall in the air, and, oh, how excited I got! Now I have four bags of apples and two gallons of apple cider to remind me of the yearly trip. They should probably last me about, uh, two weeks. Have I mentioned I love apples?

While we were upstate I also got the opportunity to see my sister graduate for intermediate honors, meaning she's been spending a heck of a lot of time in class. I both envy he work ethic and wonder how she still has time to have fun in college, yet I know she can still balance it. A post of photos I took in Charlottesville will be up soon. Prepare to feel the magic of the coming season!


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